Age 6 weeks-23 months

In our infant program young children are introduced to their new array of friends, families and teachers. Infants are cared for in a warm and affectionate way that lets them know they are special people. We provide each infant with individualized care and attention necessary for proper development in a warm and nurturing environment.

Babies are provided with a safe space in which to grow, and freedom to explore. Our caregivers provide lots of individual attention for each of our infants creating a feeling of trust with the child that is most important at this stage of development.


Age 2-4

The toddler program is designed with both the child and the adult in mind. Toddler’s are  provided with hours of exploration and developmental learning in an environment designed especially for very young children. Children are free to explore engaging indoor and outdoor spaces complete with plentiful learning opportunities while their parents or caregivers get to share valuable time with their child as they experience new milestones and accomplishments. This program provides children with the chance to interact and engage with their parents, teachers, and their peers. Teachers offer parents unique insights into their child’s development, behavior, and offer useful advice to aid in guiding and interacting with their child.

Enrichment Programs


In our art studio each week, children explore a variety of media including clay, painting, collage, and pastels. Art is a language that nurtures creative self-expression and also develops fine motor and cognitive skills as children observe closely and solve artistic challenges. When you visit the art studio you see children who are focused and deeply involved as they explore and create. You also may hear happy chatter as children work together on a collaborative project during their weekly visits.


Our library houses a wonderful collection of more than 1500 classic and new children’s books. Our large collection is available to children, parents, and teachers alike to check out. Parents and children enjoy sitting in a cozy chair and sharing a story. Teachers rely on the library as a resource full of children’s books, puppets, and audio books to enhance learning in the classroom.


Our music program nurtures children’s love for music and inspires them to feel free to express themselves through performance. Daily teacher’s sing with the kids and incorporate their favorite songs as well as teach them new ones.  Children dance and play simple instruments either outside on blankets in small groups, inside with the whole class, or at other times at community sing-a-long events that bring our school together in song.

Outdoor Playtime

During the first few years of life, infants and toddlers are trying to make sense of their world. One of the ways they do this is by soaking up every noise, every sound, and every experience that they have. They then take this information and come up with ideas about how the world works. So, not only is being outdoors an enjoyable experience for infants and toddlers, it’s critical for cognitive development. 

Outdoor experiential learning also promotes early language development. Having a rich sensory experience gives young children something to talk about. When an infant feels the leaves or the toddler notices the airplane in the sky, they are more inclined to verbalize this experience because it will elicit a favorable response by their caregivers. This verbalization to others also promotes social development. Even infants, who do not have the ability to physically play with others, are able to watch others, which is the first step in social development.

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