Cooperative Information


Eco Baby Childcare Worker Cooperative is a business owned and operated by it’s members. The members elect the Board of Directors who ensure that high quality services are delivered. As an organization that is owned by it’s members, co-operation is central to our purpose.


The key roles of the volunteer Board of Directors is to uphold the Mission and Philosophy of Eco Baby Childcare Cooperative, by managing educational and business affairs of the center, and reviewing, implementing and updating strategic plans. Cooperative members attend quarterly Board of Directors Meeting, which is also open to all members.


Parent Cooperative Members are asked to volunteer in their child’s classroom and also donate time and effort for the betterment of the cooperative. Benefits to becoming a cooperative member include; Voting in our annual Board of Elections, eligibility to serve on our cooperative board, democratic participation of business decisions, tuition and event discounts. Membership information is available, please speak with the Director.

Parent Commitments

Volunteering in Child’s Classroom

Parent commitments to working in their child’s classroom are scheduled two mornings per month. Their role is to assist the teacher by helping to supervise the children, helping with clean up, and facilitating play. Parents commit to specific mornings by signing up on a calendar that is posted by the fifteenth of the prior month. Parents are needed in the classroom from 9:00 till 12:00. Parent’s may choose to pay a $120.00 monthly fee, in exchange for not volunteering.

Repair and Restore Day

Keeping the children’s environment safe, educational and charming is everyone’s job. Each family contributes four hours of labor at our annual Repair and Restore Day, scheduled on a Sunday in April. Repair and Restore Day is a fun event where parents sand, paint and repair the children’s equipment indoors and out. Parents who are unable to participate in Repair and Restore Day, may choose to pay a $80.00 fee, or take home a project if unable to volunteer.

Parent Teacher Meetings

Mandatory parent meetings take place 3 times per year, September, January and May. The first meeting is a whole school orientation, held in your child’s classroom shortly after the beginning of the school year. At this meeting, the teacher talks about their program, outline goals for the year, and answers questions. The next two are held at daycare in the early morning. These meetings offer the opportunity to discuss the developmental stages of the children and the various activities in the classroom. Parents find these meetings a valuable opportunity to get to know the other parents in their child’s class and to share the concerns they have as parents of young children. 

Parent Director Conferences

Mandatory Parent Director Conferences are scheduled for June and December each year. These provide an opportunity to talk with your child’s teacher and director about your child’s classroom experience. The teacher and director share their observations and together discuss any concerns you may have.


We hold two annual fundraisers per year, Dinner at Eco Baby and our Annual Fall Auction. The first fundraiser is for the teachers, in which all money that is raised goes to cover teacher’s health insurance, education, etc. Our second fundraiser is an Annual Auction that focuses on campus improvements, classroom upgrades, and play yard remodeling.

Party Volunteers

We host two parties every year, our Annual Easter Egg Hunt and End of Summer Party. For the Easter egg hunt volunteers are needed to help hide eggs, bring food, decorate, help out at our activity stations and clean up. For the End of Summer party volunteers are needed to help set up, decorate, bring food/drinks, run activity stations and help clean up. 

Eco Baby Childcare Worker Cooperative

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