Welcome to Eco Baby Childcare Worker Cooperative




We welcome you to Eco Baby Childcare Worker Cooperative. Our mission is provide the highest quality care for your child with an eco-friendly and organic program.


Each classroom at Eco Baby is specifically designed to meet the developmental needs of young children. We provide experiences that challenge and support each child’s cognitive, language, social, emotional, physical and creative development. During the course of the day each child has opportunities to create, explore the environment, develop personal interaction skills and learn problem solving skills and concepts through hands on experience.


Our staff is dedicated to providing the most comfortable and happy environment for your children. Our program stimulates educational growth but most important, ensures love, acceptance and safety to all the children. Staff members are positive role models. They are supportive, nurturing, warm. loving and responsive to each child’s individual needs. Our goal is to ensure that your child grows up in a loving, safe, nurturing and organic environment.


We are committed to creating a strong connection with our families, by developing a process of open and honest communication with you regarding your child’s development and experience while in our care. Parent involvement, family satisfaction, and shared decision making about your child’s experiences, as well as support of family life, are essential to our program. We actively seek to create a caring and stimulating environment in which families and children interact and grow. We love to see our families become friends.


In each program we focus on foundational skills that support learning at every stage of life, including;

Nature Play & Social Skills

Critical Thinking & Problem Solving

Communication & Language Development

Creative self-expression

Eco Baby Childcare Worker Cooperative

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